💞 #TU3YzRiZTVl Toxic Tears and Jake Munroe; UPDATE 2 [43 FILES :: 461 MB]

Toxic tears and Jake were a alt goth couple who were dating for 7 years, they recently broke up in October. In Jake’s video addressing the situation he said there was no one incident that broke the relationship more that he felt like Toxic tears was more of a friend than girlfriend and he lost passion for her. Jake Munro breaks up with Toxic Tear's as TT's mother was recovering from an intensive cancer surgery and TT herself was extremely ill and having a cancer scare, still waiting on the result. Jake removes TT from their shared home the night of the break up, leaving her homeless at winter time. I watched Toxic Tears and Jake Munro's DISTURBING 5+ hour breakup videos so you don't have to kyeluh 189K subscribers Join Subscribe 5K Share 68K views 2 months ago If you’d like to show. Sep 21, 2018 · Jake E. Munro @BeholdMunro YouTuber, Vocalist and songwriter for Munro, Filthy goth UK TOUR LINK BELOW # BlackLivesMatter PR Contact: Th3RealMunr0@Gmail.Com Belfast linktr.ee/MunroOfficial Joined March 2014 © 2021 Twitter About Help Center Terms Privacy policy Cookies Ads info Jake E. Munro @BeholdMunro Follow @BeholdMunro. Jun 16, 1995 · ABOUT. Don’t let the makeup scare you away, as Kaya is just naturally pretty but uses her style of makeup as a unique touch to her YouTube channel, ToxicTears. On this channel, consisting of 331k subscribers, you’ll find various uploads on beauty, fashion, vlogs, lifestyle, DIY and more. Kaya Lili 🖤 Youtuber Spooky 🦇💀 Belfast, Northern Ireland 🌱 Business Contact: x.toxictears@hotmail.co.uk. Although nothing has been said as to why this decision has been made by Jake I feel compelled to say my piece Jake has always come across to me as a motivated go getter who has so many plans and I can't help but feel when ever his plans fall through they are all down to Kaya. I've been following the breakup between toxictears and Jake Munro and she just posted something she was being quiet about because it was "too much". any idea what that was? I was a semi fan of Jake's for a minute but like most other yters something seemed off, their breakup at least allowed me to see how he was in a clear, transparent way. 27 14. Why I'm not a Jake Munro fan anymoreafter 6 years. Mandible Bone 10.8K subscribers Subscribe 8.3K 79K views 9 months ago sorry for bringing up such negativity, but this has been on my mind. Another jake munro simp attacking people for speaking up. He made no good points and insulted Mandible Bone. There is so much proof jake cheated on toxic tears. He has bullied and mocked people in the goth subculture for years. He makes fun on teens on tiktok. A 30 years old men. https://t.co/7faX5iK1X4 — Orpheus (@Varric2) June 12, 2022. Jake Munro - His lies, his abuse, and finally telling the truth. Toxic Tears 402K subscribers Subscribe 23K 290K views 3 months ago IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - As I'm uploading this it is.