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Ozcar "Ozzy" Lusth (born August 23, 1981) is a Mexican-born American reality show contestant who has appeared on several shows, including Survivor: Cook Islands; Survivor: Micronesia; Survivor: South Pacific; and Survivor: Game Changers. He also competed on the second season of American Ninja Warrior. and the Playboy reality series, Foursome. Dec 20, 2022 · Ozzy is one of the best Survivor players to never win the show. He has played four seasons of Survivor and spent 128 days in the game. He is known for his ability to dominate in challenges, especially the ones in the water, while Amanda was known for her strategic blindsides. May 14, 2021 · It's a trait that makes Ozzy built for Survivor —and why he has been invited to play four times (coming one vote away from winning Cook Islands, and then returning for Micronesia, South. Jan 9, 2023 · Fan-favorite “Survivor” castaway Ozzy Lusth has raised some eyebrows with a video he made claiming he was actually on five seasons of the show, not four. Here’s what he said and why fans are. Apr 23, 2022 · Being born on 23 August 1981, Ozzy Lusth is 41 years old as of today’s date 14th April 2023. His height is 1.75 m tall, and weight is 65 kg. Personal Life: wife, girlfriend, dating, divorce, kids Ozzy Lusth is still a single man. However, he was previously in a relationship with reality TV personality Amanda Campbell from 2007 to 2009. Apr 8, 2022 · During his time on “Survivor,” Ozzy has been known to be a bit of a playboy. On his second appearance, in season 16, “Micronesia,” he struck up a romance with Amanda Kimmel, voting for her to. Mar 7, 2022 · Ozzy Lusth and Amanda Kimmel Lusth and Kimmel met on Survivor season 16, Survivor: Micronesia, where a showmance quickly developed. They continued dating after cameras stopped rolling, but. Jan 12, 2021 · In 2006, before he appeared on four seasons of Survivor, Ozzy Lusth was on another reality show: Playboy TV’s Foursome, which gathered two men and two women for a night of sexual activity, all. Mar 30, 2021 · 21 years after its premiere, 'Survivor' is more popular than ever On April 17, 2020, during season 1 of quarantine, as some now call it, I decided to begin my 'Survivor' journey. 6:22 PM · Mar 30, 2021. Apr 11, 2022 · — Ozzy Lusth (@Ozzy Lusth) 1649533912 Lusth has long been considered a heartthrob on Survivor, so many fans will be pleased to know that he happens to be bisexual. His public relationship. May 27, 2021 · “Survivor” fan-favorite Ozzy Lusth recently revealed a harrowing story about one of his seasons where he thought he was going to die. Read on to find out what happened on “Cook Islands” and. May 16, 2020 · Ozzy Lusth was first introduced to us on ‘Survivor: Cook Islands,’ season 13 of the reality TV show. Thanks to personality and his agility, he quickly became a fan favorite of the series, but unfortunately, he couldn’t win and ended up as the runner up of the season.